Friday, January 11, 2008


You may not agree that unicorns are real but I tell you that they are. And you may ask, "Have you seen any unicorns, just prancing around?"And I will reply with one word...No. Wanna know why though, its because unicorns do not prance they frolic and everyone knows that! So then if you said to me, "Well then have you seen any unicorns frolicking around?" I would say, "Well um no." But either way, I would just walk away at that point of the conversation anyway. But I can still love unicorns, some people love fish, some love flowers, some love Zac Efron. But I choose to love unicorns, and you should too. Like come on who cant love a being who's tears have magical healing powers, like seriously.

So all I'm sayin is give them a chance they would do it for you. And I know that for a fact because they told me by a carrier pigeon named Abe.


Amy said...

i am with you, little z. after all, where did the unicorn from harry potter or rainbow bright come from? someone's imagination??!

phillip said...

i believe in unicorns