Saturday, January 5, 2008

My childhood dream that was crushed by a minor flaw

Here my friends is a small fact from the small and unfortunate life of mine. Don't ask me why I decided to tell you this of all things that I could tell you, because I have no idea. So lets get on with it. Ever since I was 3 until I was about 10 years old I wanted to be... superman. And yes I mean the man with the cleft chin, big muscles, red cape, and the power of flight. Once again don't ask me why I never thought of being wonder woman, since not only you but also I can not understand why. I think that a good possibility of why I made this decision in my mind was because of growing up with my older brother running around at night in his superman p.j.'s I barely even knew who wonder woman was. And also I bet that even if I did start to want to be wonder woman my mom would not approve, because of the outfit of course. So my friends all this to say that I had a big dream I was never the little girl who wanted to grow up to be a pet doctor or to be a mommy or a ballerina, I wanted to be superman. So then came in 4th grade at school we had a "When I Grow Up Day" so of course I came to school wearing my older brothers superman p.j.'s. And there is always a time in a child's life where they feel like there life was just about crushed by an adult and unfortunately that happened to me twice but hey of course there is no hard feelings.......Anyways so I was at school just minding my business, you know, like any other normal kid, I was carving a giant hole in the top of my desk and my teacher came up to me and told me that I was not wearing appropriate clothing attire. And by the way even by being a 10 year old I still didn't even know what clothing attire was, so anyway I had to leave the classroom for the whole day and stay in the office just because in there minds they thought that when I grew up I wanted to be a man. So all this to say that my dream to be superman was crushed by just a minor flaw.

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Gail said...

My dearest Stephanie,
Believe it or not, I wanted to be superman, too. (We have so much in common...) As a child I used to turn pillowcases into capes and jump off the couch to see how far I could fly. Unfortunately, I never got past the doorway, but my dream to fly has never died. Perhaps in heaven we can fly together! I love you Stephanie!
Aunt G