Sunday, January 6, 2008

My family is pretty awesome compared to yours

These are just some of the reasons why. For starters I'm pretty sure that your family does not all share the blood of a mighty tiger, named Maximos, and yes it is true we all share tiger blood, it runs through our veins. Also we all are amazingly good looking. Oh and another fact is that some family's have one really talented kid or parent, and sorry but in ours we all are talented. We all can dance quite well actually.

And because of our awesomeness we have stalkers who wish they were in our family so the act like us and they hang out with us I believe their names are something like Jonathan, and Esther. We just except them as our own and they are in the family too now.

So there are many reasons of why I say that my family is pretty awesome and there are many more but there is just too much to type. So all this to really say is that I love you guys and you are way fun to hang with and I would pick all of you way over anything else in life. Love you guys!

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Pecadillo said...

So you're telling me that I need to get my hands on some Tiger blood.......?